Dan Sartain May 4th Gig Poster

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Gig poster for Dan Sartain, screen printed by hand and available from my on-line shop here.

Cadmium Orange Acrylic on Azure Blue 300gsm Card, 288 x 385mm.

‘Soda Pop City’ T-Shirt Design

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Here’s my submision for the Threadless.com Pop Life contest.

This design features the maximum 8 separate colours with additional shades being achieved with the use of halftones.

The Night Marchers Gig Poster.

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This poster (at the time of writing) is for an upcoming gig that I’m co-promoting with the other members The Dead Reckoning. The booking agent contacted us quite ‘late in the day’ so I didn’t have a great deal of time to produce the poster. With this in mind I decided to revisit some owl sketches I’d done when designing the Buzzkill Driven By Loss album art.

The Wonderous Weekend Tour Poster

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The Wonderous Weekend

Firewheel Books Website

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Firewheel Books Logo

This was a simple web-site I put together for a new alternative book company.

I was also commissioned to rework their logo to a much simpler design without losing any of the symbolism contained within it.

Click here to visit the site.



Cam Jam Gig Poster

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Cam Jam Gig Poster

Gentlemans Pistols Gig Poster

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Gentlemans Pistols Gig Poster

Plotting To Kill Your Friends

March 19, 2009 § 1 Comment


This was the Copperpot Jounals second release and the second piece of art I was commisioned to produce for them.
For this album the band wanted a design that challenged perceptions of what a ‘punk rock’ CD cover should look like and requested that their band name be preceded by “Music By”.
The idea behind the final design was to present the CD as if were the sound track to a short film or play with Edward Hopper and Saul Bass being big influences on the visual style.



Future Adventures Album Art

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Future Adventures CD Insert

This is just one example of several album
covers I’ve designed for various bands. It was produced for a now defunct post rock band from Stoke who called themselves “Future Adventures”.

The band wanted a full out illustration for the front cover that could be viewed in full when the sleeve was removed from the jewel case. They also didn’t want any type obscuring the illustration and suggested printing their name in the clear spine area of the case.

The final design featured a clear sticker for the front of the jewel case that allowed their name to be displayed with greater legibility and rack presence.

The retro/futuristic landscape idea was inspired by 1950s Googie architecture and The Jetsons.

Future Adventures CD Artwork

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