Tim Barry Gig Poster

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Poster for Tim Barry’s gig at The Brudenell Social Club, Leeds which took place on June 25th, 2013.

Screen printed by hand and limited to 35 copies, each print is numbered and signed.

‘Aqua’ & Brown Acrylic on 225gsm ‘Vanilla’ stock. Each print measures slightly over A3.


IMG_8235 IMG_8229 IMG_8236IMG_8241

Out Of Spite XI Gig Poster

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Dan Sartain May 4th Gig Poster

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Gig poster for Dan Sartain, screen printed by hand and available from my on-line shop here.

Cadmium Orange Acrylic on Azure Blue 300gsm Card, 288 x 385mm.

Dan Sartain Poster

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Poster for a gig I’m co-promoting with the other members of The Dead Reckoning.
There’s an event page on Facebook here.

The Night Marchers Gig Poster.

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This poster (at the time of writing) is for an upcoming gig that I’m co-promoting with the other members The Dead Reckoning. The booking agent contacted us quite ‘late in the day’ so I didn’t have a great deal of time to produce the poster. With this in mind I decided to revisit some owl sketches I’d done when designing the Buzzkill Driven By Loss album art.

The Wonderous Weekend Tour Poster

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The Wonderous Weekend

Cam Jam Gig Poster

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Cam Jam Gig Poster

Gentlemans Pistols Gig Poster

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Gentlemans Pistols Gig Poster

Buzzkill / The Computers Tour Poster.

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Buzzkill / The Computers  - Tour Poster.

With this poster I was keen to come up with something that was visually arresting and immediate.

I’d never met any of The Computers prior to creating this poster. I imagine it must have been pretty strange to receive an email asking if they could send me a picture of their singer with his mouth as wide open as possible, so that I could stuff their band name into it!

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